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21 Oct


16 Oct

The scandal regarding James Saville is distressing for a number of reasons. Primarily, because real people have been damaged. Most probably forever. It sounds shameful, and so it is.

But there are other aspects of this appalling case which should cause us profound concern. The fact that the victims were too afraid to come forward; the apparent connivance of others. The deafening silence. The trial by media after the event. The damage has been done. Too late. Just too damn late. There is chatter but it is accompanied by the silence.

It is the message it communicates to us for today and forever.

Celebrity. The illusion.

Our idolising so called celebrities. It’s a disgrace and we all stand guilty. Behind a charade of charity work, the dirty deeds are perpetrated over decades whilst the alleged perpetrator promises on TV to “fix it.” He certainly did. Fix it, but for himself.

But are we going to fix our obsession with celebrity?

About jolly time we do. Otherwise all the public enquiries, and all the police and BBC enquiries, will be merely a diversion. This Man is Dead. The victims live on to tell a sorry tale of coercion and abuse. And when the commotion dies down, they will claim that: Lessons will be learned. This is yet another illusion.

The journey begins

15 Oct

Everyday another scandal and another politician vociferously suggesting another public inquiry.

But the real scandals are never reported. They don’t concern a deceased DJ or even a belligerent MP.

The real injustices happen in our own backyard when police officers resort to gratuitous violence, the social worker treats the innocent parent with disdain, the planners act purely out of self interest and the individual is powerless because of cutbacks in legal aid funding.

In this epoch of Human Rights, there are many wrongs, many injustices and many hurt and powerless individuals who were entitled to expect more from the so-called Establishment. Money wields power whilst impecuniosity can be a real bar to justice.